Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Want Your Stories

They approach quietly, yet boldly. They’re young, usually teens or slightly younger. They insist on coming inside your house to use the bathroom, the telephone or just for a drink of water. But for some reason you’re afraid. Why? They’re just kids. Then you notice their eyes – black, as if the pupil poured over its banks. You don’t let them in – or do you? If you have, I don’t expect to hear from you.

This blog is about probing the mystery of Black-Eyed Children. Have you seen these usually hoodie-wearing youth loitering outside your house at strange times of day? Have they approached you? Have you run in fear? I want to hear your story. Do you know what these Black Eyed Children are? I want to hear your explanation.

Some of your stories and explanations will appear in my upcoming book on Black-Eyed Children, the rest will appear on this blog for the world to read.

Please leave your stories by posting them as comments on this blog, or e-mail them to for privacy. For e-mailed stories, please paste the entry into the body of the e-mail (double-space between paragraphs). Don’t send attachments. For all stories, please include contact information in case I have questions.

From myself, and from the readers, thanks for your stories.

Jason Offutt


Anonymous said...

Sounds like junkies with dilated pupils.

Jimpopparichards said...

Approach this carefully! July of 2008 I was attempting to take some photos at McKinneytown Cemetary here in Cecil County, Maryland. My favorite time is dusk and being familiar with this particular cemetary because of it's isolation, I arrived approximately 40 minutes before dusk to set up my shots. She approached from my right, I saw her out of the corner of my eye but I pretended not to notice. She approached showing no fear. She stopped about 10 feet from me and sat on a headstone. She appeared to be about 15 or so and her eyes were black as coal. When I tried to take her picture, my previously new batteries were dead. After trying 3 more sets of batteries, and finding them dead as well, I shrugged and told her my batteries were dead. She left as silently as she had come. With only dead batteries, I got to take no pictures there that day, so I left, but I left my card on the head stone. I don't know why. I have been back several times but have never run into her again.

Jason Offutt said...


That's a great story. I'd really like to talk with you more about it. My e-mail address is jasonoffutt(at)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

About a month ago I was passing through Afton, Oklahoma. I stopped by to see some old friends and saw they had a new dog...a very stout dachshund. I asked them about it and Michael said:

"The weird kids left her when they left town."

Micheal and his wife then told me about a group of young people that knocked ont heir door and beeged to come in and talk. They were driving an old van, but Michael thought it was in good shape because it didn't make noise.

However, he and his wife felt uneasy and didn't let them in. They were walking the dog that they ended up with, but didn;t seem too attached to it.

I asked them if these young people were Mormons. Michale said "Hell no...they didn't dress right and they were junkies."


"Yeah their pupils were huge."

Michael and his wife said no let them in they they knew. But after they left Michael saw the Dachshund wandering around town.

Yesterday a friend was talking about dark forces on the move and mentioned Black-Eyed Kids. I googled it and a chill went up my spine.

I emailed my friends about this today with a google search about Black-Eyed Kids; but they don't want anything to do with an investigation or have their name made public. Or really have anything to do with any further conversation about BEK.

Maybe you have contacts in that area that can research this.

Jill said...

he Black-Eyed Children - Don't you think its contacts. I'm 35 years old. I've seen, dreamt of, heard the voices of, had many experiences with - alot of apperitions including shadow people.....
I'm also the mother of a 15 year old son who wanted BLACKED OUT CONTACT LENSES to wear to school on Halloween last year....
Don't you think these are teens w/contacts? They can be bought at any beauty suppy store for $20 bucks!
Give me some feed back tell me what you think please :)

Anonymous said...

I am a stay at home mom and I had a strange experience today. I live in Lawson, MO and have 2 young children. It was about noon and I was making lunch and heard a knock at the front door. We usually use the back door and everyone we know, knows that and we hardly ever get visitors at the front. I opened the door and there was a little girl standing there. I did not recognize her. She was about 7 years old and she was starring down at her shoes. She had blond hair and was dressed in an antique-type dingy white dress with blue embroidery birds at the edges. I opened the screen door and kneeled down to talk to her and see if she was okay. She looked at my hands and said, "I need help, can I come inside, please." She was so polite and spoke so well. She did not sound as if she was from around town. I suddenly felt very afraid. I looked past her to the street and up and down- thinking the fear I felt must be someone after her or that her parents or someone must be upset with me talking to her. Thoughts raced through my mind quickly and I somehow could not think very clearly all of the sudden. I looked back at her and wanted to ask her where she lived and where her parents were. She looked at me and I immediately noticed that her eyes seemed wrong or something. Like they were ink- like someone had poured ink in her eyes. They were not normal kids eyes. They were coal black and black from rim to rim just starring. She said again, "I need to come inside- please let me in, now." I could hear a kind of fake sweetness in her voice. She had a little girl voice but had an adult vocabulary and force about her. I immediately stood up and knew I needed to protect myself and my girls inside and started to close the door. She looked up at me and ask me what she did wrong- why wouldn't I invite her in? That is when my 5 year old daughter came into the living room and I knew that she should not look at her. I closed the door on this little girl and I locked it. I scooped up Ellie (my 5 year old) and ran to the back door in the kitchen. I locked it and sat down at the table. My 16 mo old was sleeping upstairs and I needed to check her. I ran upstairs with my legs shaking, holding Ellie in my arms. I peeked into Sam's room and she was sound asleep. I got my cell phone out and called my husband who works construction in KC, and told him about it. He thinks my story is crazy, but I won't let the girls play outside now. I have not gone out by myself to the store or anything. I still feel that dread/ that sense of fear I felt emanating from the girl on my porch. I somehow knew that if I had let her in, that I would have regretted it and my girls and I would have been in some sort of real danger. Also, a note- our dog, Princess, slept through the whole ordeal in the kitchen floor. This little girl was real. I had started to feel sorry for her because she had bad breath and really dirty hair. I hope she does not come back. I somehow know that she meant harm to us. You are the only other person I have spoken to about this besides my husband. I am not sure if I want to talk to much about it anymore. I would rather forget that it happened at all, but worry that she will return.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I had an encounter with what you relate as a blackeyed child, it wasn't a child but a twenty-something adult, maybe even thirty, it's really hard to tell. My daughter then six, seven years of age and I went to a Thrifty Drug store in our neighborhood. She and I venture over to buy cigars for my spouse we walk up to the cigar shelves I don't recall ever seeing anyone standing there. We immediately heard a male voice to my left asking me; which do you suggest, I relate without looking up at him the ones in the box. Immediately I look up to see a most incredible life form looking back at me, us. He was 5'8" at best, wearing a baret cap, beige I believe, blue denim straight jacket, trousers casual. He was slender, squaren shaped straight lines in his clothing. What rock my world was his skin tone, something strange about it too smooth, no wrinkles, odd coloring. He was fair, no hair I could see or recall. His lips were thin, his eyes were totally black, no pupils, but alive with a shiny look to them full of inner movement it's hard to explain yet looking like a sharks eyes, his lids were weird, his eyes rather almond shapen. He grin when he saw the look on my face haunts me to this day, he was amused by my reaction. I felt I knew him, he knew me, I could tell he was right where he wanted to be, almost planned the feelings that I got from him. It's almost like you can understand. I was probably in my early thirites then. I backed away from him holding my daughters hand tightly telling her not to look at him at all she had I'm sure she did glimpse him. She never forgot the episode either we just talk about it today. I went home leaving the store without a thing, called my Mother of course she became afraid. Another long story there.

Anonymous said...

No, by no means were these contacts or any other kind of inner eye wearing apparel. My daughter and I encounter this about 27 years ago. I can only say it shook me to the core whatever these beings are they are not like us at all. The fear you feel inside it's almost telepathic is incredible. No comparison to a junkie please that's insulting we're talking the blackest ink looking thing you've ever seen it's alive is all I can say, like a sharks eyes, cold.

Anonymous said...

Of all the paranormal phenomenon I've heard of, the black-eyed kids intrigue me the most. It's a morbid curiosity because I never want to actually meet one, but for some reason I find them very interesting. I have no stories to contribute, but I'll be checking back with your blog regularly to see what you've found. :-)
By the way, there are several stories regarding black-eyed people scattered throughout the archives of's monthly true stories feature, if you or anyone else is interested.

Anonymous said...

I think they are Hybrids just trying to find there way in some cases they are left here and with no relatives or friends they turn to the streets looking for comfort when no one will take them in. In some cases the turn to drugs which will only make their pupils blacker try to speak to them before you let them in control the situation ask them of their intentions and really try to understand them they are in fact human just a bit different. I feel some may be from here on this planet and they are throw away children that are a product of our drug induced over perscribed society and when they are born they are a bit different remember these strange "focus" type drugs have side effects to them the mother and fathers as well as the kids are now widely perscribed.

Jeff said...

These stories are very interesting. Although like Jill pointed out, I also wonder if most of these cases are nothing more than some punk teens trying to be 'cool' by looking goth or scary looking. I realize that there are sometimes other mysterious phenomena that occur when these black eyed children come around, such as the dead battery problem Jim experienced in his story, and I'm not necessarily suggesting that all instances of blacked eyed children are just punk teens with black contacts, but it does seem really easy to fake. I also realize there are some demonic/vampire associations due to the kids wanting to be invited in. But many people would be shocked to see solid black eyes, so just seeing them would make a lot of people feel apprehensive.

I guess it's sort of like crop circles. Many of them could have been made by circlemakers, but there are always those other more mysterious ones that aren't so easy to explain.

Sue said...

I was reading through your blog today after hearing you on a podcast, Jason, when I heard a knock on my door. I got up to answer it, then remembered the black eyed kids and froze. My heart started racing and pounding harder than it ever had before, and I decided not to see who was knocking. Being home alone, I was too freaked out to see who may be standing there. My fear was greater than any I had ever experienced, and for all I know, it was just a neighbor knocking, but I'm glad I didn't go to find out. It was a really gentle knock, once, and then a second gentle knock. The third time was much louder and more forceful.

I have never heard of this phenomenon before this week, and I don't know who was at my door, but I wonder if anyone has had experiences happen to them after hearing these stories?

Hopefully not, and this was just an overactive imagination on my part.

Bixyboo said...

Hi again, Jason. Just listened to your interview on EERIE. Great job!

And again like I commented on one of your earlier posts, feel free to use my Shadow Person experience anywhere you wish (Just let me know tho).

TheDeadMessenger said...

While the probability of pranksters using the widely available contact lenses looms suspiciously here, I am reminded of an encounter experienced by the controversial author/"conspiracy threorist" David Icke.
It was the mid-70's (lenses available then?) and David was sitting backstage in the dressing room right next to the then UK PM Edward Heath. David looks at him to say hello, and Heath looks back with these eyes darker than outer space. Heath proceeded to robotically scan David's body up and down with these demonic eyes and then returned his gaze forward, his eyes apparently returning to normal.
This story always stuck with me as particularly profound, and perhaps there is a connection here.

I highly suggest reading David Icke's work to anybody with an open, inquistive mind that isn't afraid of facing the possibility that this "reality" is NOTHING like we are programmed to believe it is.
I recommend starting with his latest work "The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy". It really sums up his research quite well, and it's not too complicated to understand.

Remember, the Truth is ABSOLUTELY stranger than fiction...

Anonymous said...

Fifteen or so years ago my brother had a son who was born with pale clear white skin and sea green eyes that were very weird to say the least. When he turned about 1 years old his eyes to black as coal and you could not see any white around them. I gave him the the name turtle because his eyes were as big and black as a turtle. They really look more like shark's eyes but I found that a little cruel for a little boy. He was a very quite little boy that kept to himself most of the time. Most people found hm weird and most kids were afraid of him. He like to play video games, but everytime he touched a controller it either burned out or the batteries would die within minutes of his use. Also he could not get near TV's or any other electronics because it began distort. No one thought much of it, but me - I would notice it because he would hang around me the most since I was the only one that really tried to talk to him. He would just come around where I was and just sit there for hours never saying a word. I didn't spend a lot of time with him since he lived some distance away. I remember one strange time when I took him hiking and we came to a clearing - a funny yellow field in the middle of nowhere and I notice that he stopped and began staring towards some trees. I asked him what he was staring at and he would not answer me. A minute or so he pointed and I look in that direction. At first I didn't see anything, but then I saw some movement in the shadows of the trees. As I looked closer I saw what looked like three or so children standing with black sweat shirts with hoods. They appeared just beyond the trees but did not come any closer. I say three or so because it looked liked more in the tree lines and further in. He was only about five or so when this happened, and I had to grab his hand to leave the area because I began to feel funny. As we left the area he kept looking back and began to cry. I only saw him a couple of times after this because my brother and his mother seperated and his son began to have problems with anti-social behavior and disappearing from home more and more often. Later I heard he was institutionalized and some time later disappeared from the facility and was never found. There were reports of a small boy standing outside of houses near where he onced lived, but his mother had moved far away and was also never heard from again. This has been since a closed subject and no one will talk about it in my family.

Melissa Vacek said...

I am truly anticipating the conclusion and findings of all the stories and information collected about the black-eyed kids phenomenon. I am Photographer/ digital artist and in homage to such a wonderfully bizarre and scary compilation of events I took and created an image of what I thought black eyed kids might look like for my urban legend series, which I have currently been working on for the past year. Here is the link I hope you enjoy it!

Best of luck,


Helen said...

I don't think there was an "Alien" option on the poll on your site, but that's what the eyes make me think of. But hearing about someone else in the comments actually being related to one gives it a new twist. I don't think I've ever heard anything like that before; it's always stories about them wanting to come inside and not being let in. The electronics thing makes me think they feed on power... They always want to use a phone and all. Maybe they want in cars to drain the batteries, or in houses to drain from the outlets.

Heike said...

My experience may well be kids with contacts, or just ordinary kids, but I'll share anyway - just in case.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving home on 2-lane highway with sparse traffic when I saw a beat-up old full sized Chevy van on the shoulder of the road. It was rolling slowly down a hill and a few scrawny teenage boys were trying to push it without much success.

I shook my head and drove on, but a guilty feeling that I should have stopped and tried to help nagged at me. It got stronger, so finally I turned around and went back. When it became obvious that I was going to stop, two of the boys let go of the van and fell in the grass as if exhausted. The other boy just stood there, looking down at the toes of his shoes and not looking at me.

I got out of my Blazer and approached the rear of the van. "Do you need help?" I asked.

"We're out of gas," said the one boy, still looking at his shoes.

"Do you have a gas can?" I asked.

"Yes we do," answered the standing boy, but from inside the van another voice overrode his saying "But we don't have any money."

"If you'll give me the gas can," I suggested, "I'll go get you some gas."

I had been watching one of the boys lying in the grass for a couple of reasons. One, the temperature was in the 40's and he was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a tank top. Two, he'd never opened his eyes since I walked up although I was standing only a few feet from his head. When I offered to get them gas, he stood up, but he did so without opening his eyes.

The other boy produced a plastic one-gallon gas can, and the boy who had just stood up looked at his shoes and said "We'll ride with you."

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, I began to feel nervous and afraid. I can hold my own with a 1400 pound horse and I've worked in facilities with some "bad" teenage boys and never been afraid. But here I was, suddenly and inexplicably afraid of having two scrawny teenage boys ride to the gas station with me.

"No, I better just take the can," I said. "I'll bring it right back with gas."

The boy who'd been lying down reached into the van and grabbed a ball cap which he put on, pulling the front of it down so far I wondered how he could see, but I caught a glimpse of oddly dark eyes with no apparent whites.

"No, we should come with you. What if you don't bring the can back?" he countered, suddenly sounding challenging or almost belligerent.

I shook my head and turned as if to walk away. "I don't want to get stopped with two boys in my car. People are too weird about stuff like that."

Suddenly a female voice called out from the front of the van and said "Let her take the can!"

I turned back around and the boy shoved the gas can into my hands almost angrily and said "Fine! Take it!"

I took the can, drove up to the station, got a gallon of gas and returned to the van. All of the boys were now inside the van, which had tinted windows, and a girl wearing mirrored sunglasses got out and came to take the gas from me as I pulled up.

"Thanks very much," was all she said.

"I'll wait to make sure your van starts," I replied, but she ignored that and put the gas in the van. It started right up (which I thought odd if it had been so completely out of gas that it died), and they drove off.

I waited for one car that was coming up the road then pulled out behind them and was back up to speed (65) in no time. I expected to see them ahead of me each time I crested a hill or came around a curve, or at least when I got to the 4-way stop where the gas station was, but I never saw the van again and couldn't understand how I could have failed to catch up with it.

Perhaps, as I said in the beginning, they were just regular kids, but it was odd.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen one of these "kids" but these stories remind me of a very vivid dream I had about 5 or 6 years ago.

In my dream it was late at night with a very bright moon. I was walking down a deserted road. There was a small boy sitting by the side of the road, he was very pale and thin. He had dark hair and looked normal--except for when he looked up at me. His eyes were completely dark. Inky dark.

He seemed very sad and was trying to communicate with me, but I couldn't understand him. He kept pointing up at the sky. I felt like he was trying to tell me he wanted to go home.

He didnt scare me, he just seemed very sad. That was the first and last time I've ever had a dream like that. I'd never heard about black eyed kids until recently. I know this was just a dream, but this child fits the description.

Anonymous said...

I was babysitting my sister one night, we were just hanging out watching tv when someone knocked on the back deck door. We assumed it was one of our friends, since everyone else either uses the front door or the actual back door. The back deck was in a permanent state of construction for years and had no stairs leading to it, you have to hoist yourself up. We yelled for them to come in, assuming it was one of our friends, they knocked again, we yelled again, when they knocked again, my sister got up, completely annoyed, and went to see who was there.

A few seconds later she asked me to come over. It wasn't anyone we knew, just some guy our age. I didn't get a creeped out vibe from him, he just made me uncomfortable. The kid didn't say anything to me, so I asked what he needed. He asked to come in. My sister and I sort of exchanged glances, I told him we weren't really supposed to let people in and he said he just needed to use a phone, our neighbours weren't home to let him use theirs. I basically reiterated what I'd said the first time and he explained that he'd lost his jacket, it was chilly and he didn't really know how to walk home from here, if he could just use the phone to call his folks, he'd only be a second. This seemed reasonable enough to me, so we let him come in. He didn't take his sneakers off, and sort of made a beeline for the kitchen, granted that was where the phone was, but he didn't ask. Instead of using the phone right away, he just sat at the table so I asked him if there was a number he'd like me to dial for him. He said no, his folks wouldn't be home yet and didn't really elaborate, just seemed content sitting at the table, not really looking around, not doing much else, just sitting. My mother raised me to be a good hostess, even if your visitor isn't the most polite one in the world, so I asked if he was hungry or anything, if he'd like a sandwich, he said yes but didn't touch it, so I tried to strike up conversation. I hadn't seen him out playing with us before, was he from town? No. Where was he from? Outside of town. What was he doing all the way over here? Visiting. Would his parents be home yet, shouldn't he try calling them? Soon. I was getting tired of asking him questions and having him just ignore me so I asked if he just wanted to watch TV with us until his folks would be home, he said no and just stayed where he was. After about half an hour and a hushed argument with my sister about who was going to go deal with the creep, she was obviously way more disturbed by him and I went to go back to check on him. He was just standing in the doorway of the kitchen and turned around when I came in. Looking at him at eye level in decent lighting, I noticed he had the darkest eyes I'd ever seen in my life, not just a dark brown but definitely black, like big pupils. I think this is the point I finally found myself actively creeped out by him, instead of just thinking he was just rude and weird. I told him it was our bedtime and I was sorry to kick him out, but he really couldn't stay, if he wanted, we could call him a cab or call my mom and see if she could come home early and help him sort things out if he was into some kind of trouble. He smiled and said it was okay, his parents would be home now. I asked again if he was sure he didn't need to call a cab or something, though at this point I really just wanted him to get out. He said no again, he was fine now and headed out the back door. He thanked me for the sandwich and that was it.

Afterwards, we locked all the doors, rehashed the details of the odd guest and the creepy vibe she got off of him right off the bat, and went off to bed after that. It turned out he had shown up at our neighbour's the same night, my friend, who was also babysitting her younger brother and way younger sister had just been way to creeped out by him immediately to let him in.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the little girl story was posted april first.

Lene said...

I've been following the BEK stories,since i first read them on paranormal.about.Some time ago while surfing the web i came across the tragic story of Omayra Sanchez.Just google her you can read about it,what stuck with me was her photo.Her eyes are completely and utterly black.Maybe is because of the shock and injury the little girl suffered,but it horrifies me.I mean what is the medical explanation for that.Here is a link to the picture.

Anonymous said...

they will come at any given time, a friend and myself started reading stories and collecting as much data as we can. the average things in all stories;

- Enticing Fear
- Elevated Feeling of being threatened
- The Black Eyes
- Attempt contact and/or communication with targets who are alone
- Averagely travel in pairs when of the younger persuasion
- Are presumed to be deadly/dangerous
- Many becoming emotionally "threatening" when not given a invitation to get closer to their target
- All reported Children seem to act normal, walk normal, be highly intelligent.
- Most of the reports of adults make note of odd behavior, odd walking or antics.

These are NOT aliens, even the thought is stupid. If they are hybrids why are they seeking out random people. Through our research, and the people we spoke with many of these "BEP" normally manifest AFTER a Shade or Shadow Person is seen, within a year. Could it be these creatures/people are that full manifestation of the Shadow People coming fully into our physical world by means of possession? Could it be that we hear more stories of children because children are spiritual/emotionally/mentally weaker then adults. It is this observers view that either several people are picking up bits and pieces from others stories to make their own. OR these creatures are becoming more in number and more daring. I believe they are not attempting to kill people, i feel they are Shadow People attempting to gain more hosts. This all started in 98, and notice the reports seem to get higher and more daring as the years draw closer to 2012. odd I would say

Anonymous said...

Animals have black eyes. I have a friend who has been in and out of mental institutions. She told me she sees demons walking around. She has been diagnosed with multiple personalities. One day I along with a friend joined her for lunch. Suddenly during lunch her eyes turned completely brown or black with no white. . Her eyes didn’t look human. She held her head down and peered out like she was hiding and trying not to be seen. My other friend lurched back, grabbed my arm and gasped. A few minutes later, she looked at us and her eyes were normal.
Anyhow,I don’t think this friend has multiple personalities. She has problems with possession. That’s my point of view.
Now these children with black eyes may be something entirely different.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of living human beings, with eyes like that, who have a similar effect in human beings? I am somewhat reluctant to discuss this topic in a public forum.

Anonymous said...

I found these after a friend of mine told me about black-eyed children. I had something very similar to these stories happen to me.

I live in North Dakota. About 5months ago, I was working in my office when there was a knock at my door. I came downstairs to find a young boy who appeared to be about 16 or 17 standing on my front porch. The first thing I noticed about him was the way he was dressed. He wore cordoroy pants and a dress shirt that seemed well-worn and also to just hang off of his body (like he was far too skinny for them). His hair was black and messy.

He asked me about a Chevy Tracker that I had sitting in front of my garage with a For Sale sign on it. He spoke very clearly and slowly in a rather monotone voice. It was like he was trying to force his works to make a point to me, though he never said anything threatening; he only asked me to tell him about the vehicle.

I felt uneasy from the get-go, but proceded to tell give him details about the Chevy. It was then that I noticed his eyes were jet black. They had no pupils or irises. I was taken back immediately, and wondered if he didn't have some kind of genetic disease.

I also then noticed that there was a second youth there with him, standing at the end of the walk that leads to my front porch to the front of my garage. She was about 15 or 20 feet away from me, but she looked to be about the same age or maybe younger. She had blonde hair that also looked unkept, and was wearing an old, faded dress. She never said anything for the whole time that I was talking to her "boyfriend," and never came any closer. She just stood there smiling. I couldn't tell if her eyes were the same as the boy's, but looking back, it wouldn't have surprised me if they were.

After I finished telling the boy about the SUV, he asked me if I could take him for a ride in it. Again, I felt very uneasy and said that I was busy. The boy, again, asked if I could just take him for a ride so he could see how it worked. Again, I declined.

This kept up for a couple of minutes, and during that time, I never once mentioned the price of the vehicle, and he never asked about it. He only continued to ask that I give him a ride in the Chevy so he could "see how it worked." (his exact words)

Finally, I told him that I was very busy and needed to go, and I then slammed the door shut and locked it. It wasn't until I went into the kitchen to get myself a drink that I realized how scared I was. My hands were shaking so badly, that I couldn't even open a can of pop for about five minutes. I called my wife and told her what had happened. While I was on the phone, I looked outside to see if the boy and his "girlfriend" were still there looking over the SUV, but they were gone. I asked a few neighbors if they'd seen the kids. None of thime did, and none of them remember seeing kids like them in the neighborhood before this, either.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an encounter story or an explanation to offer, but I felt the need to address the contact lens suggestion. Contacts that cover the whites of the eyes are called sclera lenses, and most certainly cannot be bought at a beauty supply store (or anywhere else) for $20. They usually have to be ordered from specialty SFX companies, and cost between $130-200 per lens--that's per lens, mind you, not per set. I suppose some kids have enough disposable income to drop $260-400 on a pair of creepy special effects lenses, but most I know would rather buy an Xbox 360 or some ludicrously overpriced jeans with that kind of money.

Anonymous said...

stsI have never seen one of these (hope I never do)but I find the subject very interesting. I have been kind of holding my theory on what they might be until I found someone who actually did what they wanted. The person who let the boy in and attempted to feed him, then he left peacefully when asked, I found interesting, plus it's the only account that I have found so far of someone letting them in. I have read many theories about what they could be and have gone back and forth several times about what I thought they might be. Has anyone considered the possibility that they may be angels? I know it sounds strange to say that something that scares people so badly be something we think of in today's culture as being beautiful, winged being, surrounded by goodness and light, but think about this... In the bible people who received visits from angels were filled with fear. The bible also teaches us to not forget to entertain strangers because by doing so some have entertained angels unaware... here is the real sinister question (esp if you are a 2012 fanatic) What do they want??? During the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, God sent angels to find out if there was anyone worthy of saving before he destroyed the two cities. The angels found a man named Lot and stayed the evening with him and his family, and Lot protected the angels when the town's people came to try to get them. Later the angels led Lot and his family out of the town to safety before God destroyed it. I don't know what these BEKs are but I do know that not everything that seems right is good and not everything that makes us fearful is evil. Whatever else they may be, they are fascinating.

Gwen said...

I encountered a black eyed kid about 5 years ago, at about 10:30 p.m. in the parking lot of my apartment. He was about 8 years old, and he darted out in front of my car. I slowed down and swerved to miss him. When I slowed down I got a good look at his face. He had jet black eyes, no whites. He was wearing a blue and green back pack.
About 3 months later I was outside my front door, having a smoke. It was about the same time as before, maybe 11p.m. I heard foot steps come up the pathway beside my house, and sure enough that same 8 year old boy, same backpack, same clothes comes walking up, about 15 feet away from me. He looks me right in the eye and smiled at me, scariest thing I ever saw! He had a mouthful of what I can only describe as shark teeth, jagged and protruding. When I saw that I screamed at him, threw my cigarette and ran inside.
I have seen ghosts, shadow people, and many other scary things before...none of them made me fear for my life like that.

Anonymous said...

these stories sound like what a vampire would do, which i know may sound dumb, but if you've ever watched Let The Right One In you'll know that the vampire girl couldn't go into the boys home till he invited her because all of her blood drained out of her body. reading these comments, that's where my thoughts went

Anonymous said...

My theory on the BEK, is that they're hybrids from the Grey/Reticulan
breeding program. If you go to David Jacobs' site,
( he's a UFO abduction researcher who's been
dealing with abductees for years. Anyway, some of his accounts of
abductees, have cases where said abductees will be partnered with a hybrid
from the breeding program; and said hybrids are apparently sometimes allowed
to free roam in society, for brief periods.

Apparently, not all of the hybrids are pleasant in nature; in fact many of
them aren't. David's abductees have reported a lot of aggression, physical
abuse, and rage related issues; as well as the black eyes, which of course
are a genetic holdover from the Greys. Jacobs' descriptions of these
hybrids that are known to the abductees and allowed to go on field trips on
Earth, are pretty much an exact match for the Black Eyed Kids.

Personally, I don't believe in the soul consumption stuff, however. I don't
think we *have* souls; we *are* souls. The request for admission, however,
is genuine, and it's actually a very interesting tie-in with Lyssa Royal's
stuff about how the Greys themselves, actually always need people's
permission before they take people. The BEK are possibly kicking it up a
notch with murder, but I don't think anyone's soul is getting eaten.

Tat Vam Assi; the soul cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen one of these beings. But I have often seen them in my dreams. Never even knew about them until i googled it today. Any thoughts as to why I would see them in my dreams?

Anonymous said...

i live in these older brick apartment complex buildings in massachussetts. i have never herd of other cases of black eyed kids until recently. at night, i usually go stand outside in the front parking lot to have my cigarette. i noticed that their was a kid, i would say between the ages of 12-16 walking down the street. i live on a main road. ive lived in these buildings my whole life, and ive never seen this kid anywhere. he was a little bit tall, wearing dark pants and a sweatshirt. He would show up around 10 oclock at night and walk slowly at a sluggish pace along the main road. Walking from one building to anouther. Enough to spook me out so i stopped going out front at night. Looking out my window id still see him. pacing out there, till 3 am? After awhile i had forgoten about it. And continued going out front for my smoke. And standing right next to my door was the kid. Standing and looking at me? Asking if i could buzz him inside the building. His face was covered by his hood, but i saw his eyes. Totally black..not a single drop of color anywhere. i said im sorry i cant and half ran back into the building making sure the door was locked. i had this overwhelming feeling of absolute terror in my body. Didnt sleep. Occasionally looking out my window to the boy pacing along the road. I havnt seen him in months now. But i wont sit out front at night time anymore.

Anonymous said...

I lived for many years on the outerbanks of NC. I have a friend who woke up one night at 2 in the morning to two kids knocking on his door. he opened the door and the two were just standing there staring at him. he asked what they wanted and they told him they wanted to come inside. he asked why and they didnt answer. he asked them if they were in trouble or if they were lost they just stared at him . finally after he had gotten a little more clear headed he realized that both of the kids had no whites in their eyes and didnt seem to have a pupil. He got freaked out and just told them to go home and shut the door.. He called the cops and reported it to the local police. they sent a car out to his neighborhood but they didnt find anyone walking around and wrote it off as kids playing around.. The next day i went to his house and he was very freaked out. the more he thought about what happened the more he just got an eerie feeling... About a month later he was pulling up to his house and he saw the same two kids standing on the corner of his street one was a blonde haired girl about 13 years old the other was a boy with dark hair about the same age matbe a little younger. both kids were just standing on his street staring at a house that one of his neighbors lived in,, he stood in his driveway for a second and watched the two kids. they were just standing there staring at his neighbors house.they didnt say or do anything he walked inside and changed his clothes and then walked back outside to look to see if the two kids were still there but they were gone.. that night he woke up at 2 am to the sound of sirens. the house that the two kids were staring at was on fire and the fire dept was trying to put it out.. he spoke to the cops on the scene and mentioned that there were two kids he had seen earlier that were standing in front of the house. the cops didnt seem to think it was important but later that night the police found teh body of his neighbor in the house and she had been stabbed to death. he was questioned several more time and he told the same story but the cops seemed fixated on his neighbors boyfriend and so he assumed that it was probably her boyfriend.. after a week or so the cops came back to question him again,, it turned out the boyfriend was working when his neighbor was killed.. but he was never asked about the kids and he didnt want to tell the police about the eyes and the way the kids acted and how creepy they were because he was scared he would become a suspect if he started telling them strange stories of kids with black eyes so he gave them what info he thought he should and then kept quiet about the rest.. to this day that womans death is shrouded in mystery and no one has been arrested.. my buddy wont talk about it anymore...

Anonymous said...

Alrighty, here goes.

I have read several different sites worth of BEK stories and thus have read a lot of bullshit. Some are genuine accounts, some are probably true stories that don't really have any bearing, and some are just creepy pasta passed off as the real deal. This particular thread has only 3 I would consider to be genuine.

How do I know? I've run into these things more than once, in different states. Different ones in different states, 'm not being followed or anything so dramatic. Just keen observation and dumb luck.

With a fair degree of certainty I can tell you what these things are as well.

The short version is, vampires.

Sorry, no alien/human hybrids. No demonically possessed school kids. No horrors from beyond time and space. Monsters? Sure. Good old fashioned monsters. Or rather, the real-life things that best fit that name.

Most of them aren't kids, and I would wager a lot of you who have seen the BEK have seen the same ones. The small ones travel in packs because its easier that way. People will stop a lone kid on the street and ask questions, a bunch of them must be on their way somewhere. Plus subduing an entire family or even 1-2 adults is objectively difficult for someone with tiny little arms and legs. So they travel in packs.

The kids aside, its the larger ones you have to worry about. Some of them hunt in packs, most are solitary, but like humans different strokes for different folks.

Yes, this is entirely serious.

Yes, they are dead.

Thats right, these are in fact dead people. Well, more or less. These are not spirits or ghosts or any of that. If you punch you, you will feel it. If they grab you in a dark alleyway no amount of prayer will help the authorities find your body.

They ask permission for a simple reason, if someone invites you into their home they are less likely to call the cops on you. You invite them in, you feel sorry for them/drink with them/buy drugs from them/fuck them, whatever angle they used to get you to open the door you are not as likely to call the cops. They can catch you off guard. Bending over to pick up a dropped cup, coming out of the bathroom, passing out drunk, etc.. then bam, you find out why they are actually there.

Maybe its a cultural thing, something they teach their "young". Whatever its roots its an entirely pragmatic practice, not some sort of supernatural compulsion.

Seriously, vampires. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

The bad breath. The scruffy appearance of most of them. They don't spend much energy on anything except survival. The eyes? Their bodies are adapted over time to be nocturnal. They squint in the light, because their eyes are permanently dilated not unlike other nocturnal creatures. Not being bothers by cold, and no breath being seen when its chilly? They have no internal body heat, at least none to speak of. They are more or less walking corpses.


Anonymous said...

They don't breathe.

As for strength, speed, endurance, thats where it gets tricky. They are as strong as they can possibly be for their frame and muscle mass. Same with speed. A decently fast runner in life will be the same in undeath. Why? Simple, they don't use oxygen for most of their bodily processes anymore. So they don't build up lactic acid in their cells, so they don't get tired.

You might very well be stronger or faster than one of them, but you will not have more endurance. Thats how they get you. That, and by the simple fact that most people think this idea is silly. After all, alien/human hybrids abandoned on the streets to become drug addicts makes a lot more sense that carriers of a disease that has existed alongside man for thousands of years.

Those of you who have met them, you felt uneasy around them. Afraid. Paranoid. Thats natural. Most people would feel that way in a tiger cage, or in the presence of a bear, or swimming in shark infested waters. They are predators, and beyond stories and myths we have a racial memory of these things. We know to be afraid of them. Its a primal response, learned over thousands of years as we huddled around fires in caves hoping that these things wouldn't drag off our sick, or old, or our children.

Your fear is not a supernatural effect they create. That would be counter productive. They want you to be at ease. They want you to feel safe, to feel like they are harmless. You want you to give them a ride or let them in.

Not everyone listens to that primal fear, those who do usually get to live to try to forget it later. Or write about it on the internet.

I doubt anyone will believe me, but on the off chance you run into one of them remember what I wrote here. Your best defense s to treat them like any other natural predator, avoid them. Don't let them in, don't try to make friends with them (They aren't Ann Rice or Twilight, more like Jeffry Dhamer or John Wayne Gacy, monsters that look like people, not tragic heroes, sharks wearing shoes), just avoid them.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. zeke.finch at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I saw one once several years ago. It appeared in the form of a 15 year old girl. I noticed it's pure black eyes. It was forceful, then aggressive. Somehow my fear changed to anger. It showed itself for what it was, the rows of shark like teeth, the black eyes seemed to become even darker. It was survival, it was strong, but I was smarter. I grabbed a nearby saw and went to work on its throat. it screamed and at some point tried to get away. I held on, and continued. It's blood poured down my hands as it hissed and writhed. It's head fell off, attached to the body with only some skin. It was only then, when I let the body drop to the ground, that I noticed another watching from behind some trees. I looked at it and yelled in rage. It ran! I burned the body of it's companion. Since then I have studied everything occult that I can get my hands on. If I ever see one again, I'll be ready.

Zane Taylor said...

For those who think they are not alien/human hybrids read "The Threat" by David M. Jacobs (another interesting read is "Raechel's Eyes" by Helen Littrell). I would bet dollars to doughnuts that they ARE alien/human hybrids trying to integrate into our society, attempting to observe our culture and us (as individuals), through one-on-one interactions. Their methods are unorthodox and awkard. But who are we to understand the alien mind? I don't believe that they are something to be feared in the short term, but if they intend to co-exist with us, then we have a problem! I found the babysitting sisters' story in this blog to be the best.

Zane Taylor said...

Vampires? LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

I am just now finding out about these black eyed children. I have been reading stories for the past couple of days. I must say that there really isn't a lot of information on them. I find it interesting that there hasn't been any videos of them. I will be checking on the internet and see what else I can find out.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is possession

Anonymous said...

Right! Too much tv!!

Anonymous said...

I get the overwhelming feeling they are demonic, not angelic.. Do not invite them in!

Anonymous said...

Black eyed people are real. I've been living as one for 35 years. But I put on a cover of normal brown eyes. We live in fear. We can't see with our eyes. We half to see other ways. And yes ESP is our curse. I don't want to hurt any one. I have never met any one else like me. We don't or I don't like going in someone else's house cause of what I pick up on with my ESP. People don't like others in there house dubble with out asking. It would hurt and be tarafing. I've had the privlige to learn a lot. Most people can't even tell I'm blind. And I don't tell them. Being able to to hide my eyes sure helps. For lack of other words we are people too. I feel sorry for people treated that way. Signed Black eyes in hiding

Anonymous said...

Black eyes in hiding

You can contact me at

Do have one problem.

I'm alone. As a child I've learned to hide who and what I am. I'm pretty sure something is going to happen to me. This life I live as normal as it is its not me. Mabe there calling me. Just learned how to deal with it. Not sure if its good enough though.

Signed. Black eyes in hiding

Anonymous said...

They are demonic.

Anonymous said...

I'm not particularly religious. However, the person who asked if anyone had ventured to think these "children" could be angels reminded me of the movie Prophesy. In the film two of the characters are talking about the strange dead bodies turning up in the morgue. One character makes a comment about the angel who bore God's wrath and was sent to do murder on Earth in God's name, (paraphrased)"Have you ever thought what a creature like that would look like, one wing dipped in blood?" Frightening, I would think.

However curious I would be under such circumstances, if I actually saw shark teeth, I'd have close the door. (Yes, the babysitter story was best.)

Black Eyes said...

Black eyes in hiding here
Being born with disabilities is hard enough. Then people turn it in to a fear that controls them. Now we got super powers that controls them. Not interaction is part of us. If people want things to control them, then I say more power to them. They may need it. They are us.

Anonymous said...

Absolute shit.

Anonymous said...

I live in Long Island NY near a nature preserve and state park. Moved here 5 years ago. They hang out in groups in the woods and ring the door bells of various houses. Then they run and hide. They are fast, and agile. Not really kids, more like pygmies. Really fast.

deek7372 said...

How come with today's technology not a single photo of bek's is to be found?

Anonymous said...

my story isn't the typical one and i was around 7-8 when it happened. I have nightmares often but not as much now as when i was younger. In the dream i was at my family reunion and there was a little boy maybe 12yrs and he was chasing us around withabutcher knife. My brother and i were the only ones that could see him and after he killed my brother he came after me but right before he killed me i woke up. Right on top of me sat the black eyed boy from my dream. He was holding me down amd i tried so hard to get away from him but i couldnt move. He raised his hand up high and slapped my left cheek and when he did that i sat up and he seemed to vanish. My cheek stung and i was crying so hard and i was so afraid of what had happened. when i tried to wake my big sister up she barley moved except to push me away. I didnt want to be alone so i just crawled over her and layed down next to her and cried because i was too afraid to go back to sleep. Thats my story but i remember exactly what the boy looked like. He had auburn hair, was wearing a red, black and green stripped sweater and of coarse had completely black eyes.

BrandiShay said...

Up until last night I always thought my brother had just come up with a wild tall tale story when he was a child. Sitting at work last night I came across a websited talking about the black eyed kids. My brother at the time of his terrifying encounter was just 7 years of age and now at the age of 23 he still sticks firmly to his story. In april of 1996 we had just moved from Arkansas to Mississippi. In our new town we were getting very well adjusted to our new home and the new school we were attending. Seeing as how we had only been new to Olive Branch, MS about 3 weeks we had no blinds on our windows. I remember it like it was yesterday! My mother and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner, my father was watching television and had sent my brother to his room to do his homework. He had only been in his room around 20 minutes when he came barreling down the hallway with the most horrifying scream I had ever heard with tears rolling down his face. He nearly climbed my mother like a tree trunk all while trying to bury his face as to hide from something. When he finally calmed down to where she could get an understandable answer out of him I couldn't help but laugh. I thought he was just telling another one of his crazy stories from his imagination. He said as he sat doing his homework he felt an eerie feeling like he was being watched and like something was calling to him. He then said he glanced up at his window and saw a white faced boy that looked like a ghost crouched down and peering into the bottom of his window. He said "Momma he looked my age and I thought it was me at first but when I got close to the window he blinked and moved closer and he had all black eyes there wasn't no white there. And when I moved he didn't move the same way I did so I know I wasn't seeing me." I'm sure now if my brother would have stuck around without running away in fear the child may have asked him to let him in. For nearly 3 weeks after the incident my brother being scared to sleep in his own room made camp underneath my daybed with my cocker spaniel Danny. A short time later with it still haunting him my mother had my brother and myself swap rooms. Although I never saw the child I can't say that it didn't terrify me enough to keep the new blinds closed. As I was leaving work last night somewhat frightened and feeling horrified to walk to my car alone, I called my brother. I asked "Korey do you still remember that little boy you saw looking in your window all those years ago?" His response "The one with the black eyes? Shay why did you have to bring that up?" with a sense of horror in his voice. I told him how I had come across the website about the BEK's and that others have seen them. He instantly replied "I wish you wouldn't have told me that. I've tried forgetting and it still terrifies me especially now that I know it wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me."

Anonymous said...

The summer after I turned 5, we moved to a small ranch house in rural Indiana from an apartment cause my Mom was pregnant with my sis. I remember having a swing set and Mom and Dad let me have a rabbit outside in a cage. Before supper I was out playing on my swing set when another girl appeared behind me. I remember thinking I would have someone to play with now. This girl was "poor" looking...dirty, hair in tangles. She didn't speak to me but she scared me. I will never forget that. Her eyes were dark and her teeth were wrong, sharp, a lot of them and dirty also. She didn't approach me or try to hurt me in anyway but I ran inside anyways. Mom gave me a bath after supper and put me to bed. I didn't go back outside again until the next day. I also was to afraid to get out of bed cause I thought she would get me. The next morning my rabbit was dead. An "animal" had opened the "lock" and ate her. I tried to tell my Mom about the girl but she was upset over my rabbit..we both were. To this day I remember her face, eyes, and teeth. She killed my rabbit! I knew it then and know it now. I was reminded of her the day I met my future sis-in-law her eyes are so dark they look black, at least she is normal and has been so in the 17 yrs I've known her. There are things out there that we can not explain but follow your instincts when you feel like your in danger. Don't know if she would have hurt me or not.

Anonymous said...

30 days of night was a scary and accurate movie...ppl need to know this!

Chris Clark said...

I had an exspirence last week I was in glen burnie maryland I was on my lunch break from work Istopped at the 711 down the street from my shop. I went in got my ciggarettes walked out started packing my ciggaretes and noticed a guy staring at # little boy and girl talking to a women and a man in a car then that's when the little boy turned around and Iseen that both his eyes were completely blacked out the guy staring said "did you see that" Isaid ya man what was wrong with his eyes he said " Idont know bro". That's when I noticed something wasn't right I got a chill up my spine I walked over to my car lite my ciggarette rolled the window down and sat and listened since my car was parked closer to them from where I was standing with the guy. I hear the little girl say " why can't we just ride with you?" I didn't hear the woman say anything but Isaw the exspresion on her face and it wasn't pleasant it looked like she saw a ghost. She glanced over at me and that's when I realized what time it was and I had to get back to work. So Ipulled off went to work started telling the guys at work about it. One of the guys said he saw the 2 kids that morning wondering around the parking lot of the liquior store next to the 711. He said he had a creepy feeling about them when he saw them. The kids looked like they might of been around 5 to 7 years old. Lately I've been dreaming about them waking up sweating feeling as if I've been running. I cldnt sleep at all last nite every time Istarted falling asleep my heart wld start beating out of my chest as if someone had just jumped out on me trying to scare me. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who.have seen something like this and I'm also happy to say I didn't deal with them first hand but yet again I don't wana speak to soon and end up face to face with them.

Anonymous said...

Depends on your definition of what an 'alien' is... or for that matter if what you perceive what one is to be is what they are... or if 'aliens' and paranormal activity are one in the same... just saying 8~)

Anonymous said...

I have not had any face to face experience with these BEKs but I have a cousin who was 3 to 4 years old who would talk about this little girl a year or so older than him that would come to the glass doors leading to the deck. He said she likes my house and that she wants to come in and all. He says she has black eyes, and I asked if they were completely black and he says yeah they are scary. And one night I was babysitting him. And he said she doesn't like it when you're here. She doesn't like you. And repeated that like over and over. Uhm any comments? Very weird.

Anonymous said...

They are probably hunting for pedophiles. O.o

Anonymous said...

Wow.I never had an experience with them but to me their either alien hybrids or demons from hell.

Anonymous said...

I was in my apartment and I went outside to smoke a sig and let the trash in the dumpster when I child about thirteen years of age was sitting by the dumpster with his head down and I went up to him thinking he need help is I said. Are you okay and he didn't reply then I said it again and he said"my moms probably worried about me can I come in?? I'm just a boy." And when he looked up his eyes were pitch black

Anonymous said...

it was winter 09-10. I was giving my roommates teenage daughter's boyfriend, Jason, a ride home in rural ND. See from Highway 2 I turned south at Michigan, ND, on my way to McVille. the road goes south, then I turn west, drive a few miles, then turn south again. It's dark at 9pm in the winter, but I can see pretty well with a fresh snow from only a few days before. We turn west and all of a sudden Jason screams and I break, a kid was running across the highway into a field. We slowed down and watched this teen (smaller than the 15 year old Jason) disappear into the field. Jason and I looked at each other and said, "did you just see that?" We were both terrified, more than I would've been if it had been a moose. We did not speak again until I pulled into his driveway. We both thought we had been seeing things, and could only confirm what we saw by assuring each other we both saw it. I was terrified, and knew that I had to drive past that spot again after I dropped the kid off. Jason went inside and called his girlfriend, she thought we were making it up, she called my cell and I made the poor kid stay on the phone with until I passed that spot of the highway. I remember being so afraid for my life, and the life of my unborn child, I slowed down a little passing that spot, a little curious, and afraid of hitting someone on the road. When I got home from my little drive, I walked in the door ghost white, and I pulled my sleeping children out of bed to keep them safe with me and a lock on the bedroom I have not seen this boy in two years, but I know he remembers it as well as I do, I was terrified for a long time. I never came into immediate contact, neither did the child with me, and we did not see a face, just a small body crossing the highway, in sub zero temps. We could tell he/she was wearing a dark hoodie under a jean jacket. Can't be sure it was a BEK, but if you hear of anything else near McVille, or Michigan, ND (2 really small towns), then I may have had a close encounter.

Anonymous said...

I ought to add that I did not call police because it seemed like the person was comfortable and belonged their (like a farmer in their own feild)

Anonymous said...

I think I know who the black-eyed children are. My husband and I took a cruise down to Cozumel. The Ship docked at the island and we snorkeled all day. That night, there was a beautiful full moon over the bay and hubby and I took a very romantic horse and carriage ride around the bay to the plaza. When we got there, the plaza was full of tiny people. I got closer to some of them and looked at them and their tiny babies. They looked at me with undisguised dislike. In fact, both my husband and I were afraid of them. We got back into the carriage and went back to the ship instead of staying in the village plaza.
The carriage driver was a regular Mexican gentleman and we asked him about the little people. He said they were “Indios Sublevados”. They are descendents of the Mayan’s and live on the mainland in villages. They still hunt and can be quite primitive. They are suspected of still practicising human sacrifice. Tourists have gone missing down there, and these folks are suspected to be involved. At first glance they look like children, but are fully grown. The men often wear black clothing and hoods.
I remember my husband and I talking about how creepy they were and we both remembered that they had black eyes and no whites showed. They spoke their own Mayan tongue, but spoke a stilted English to shopkeepers and tourists. My guess is some of them have crossed the border into the U.S.A.. They may practice a version of the “old religion”. I think if you invite them in, you are the sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, since I posted this
last week, I saw something on the Yacutan and the myth of the return of the Serpent God Quetzalcoatl. I was totally unaware that others had connected the Yucatan Peninsula to this phenomena before me. The site i saw said that these are Nephilim, children of earthly women and fallen angels. Supposedly described in Noah's time and part of Mayan and Aztec belief.Hmmm

I did not tell you in the last post that we saw some of them again in the jungle near the Coba ruins. We took a day trip from the boat and visited the ruins as they were being restored. Near the ruins they were camped in tiny little bark huts in the trees. We could smell the cooking and were told they were hired to help in the restoration of the ruins. That reminded me of posts I have seen about them living in parks near big cities.I would think those little bark structures could be made in day. So, are the "Indios Sublevados moving into the U.S.A.? If so, why? Are they preparing for the return of Quetzalcoatl? I am burning to know?

Anonymous said...

No not contacts.or kids trying to be cool...i highly doubt that all those encounters had made the.victims all feel the same scared confused uneasy feeling

Anonymous said...

My cousin thinks this is what he encountered in Indiana. Headed from one county to another with his friend on their bikes, something was chasing them in the forest, it stopped when they did. Suddenly, they hear a woman screaming and they bike faster. Then a large black shadow came up out of the forest, you could see it against the night sky, and then landed 30 feet away with a big thunk.
Thankfully, he wasnt hurt but later during the day he went back there and found these foot prints with three toes that were clawed. Ever since then, it was like it followed him. He's hear screaming, wings flapping, someone knocking at his door, and when he went outside (this time I was with him), something happened. We saw these kids near the forest line across the freeway. They were walking, then stopped and just stared at us. A car drove by quickly, we heard wings flapping, and then they were gone. Then we went back inside and someone kept knocking at the door and I heard kids saying 'let us in.' hahaha, nope. Ain't nothing anyone could do to get me to ope that door.
Ever sine I myself seen them, it seemed like something keeps flying around my house at night. These things follow you.

Anonymous said...

I hate to bring up a fairly old topic. I would like to tell people who believe the black eyed children is nothing but urban legend are wrong.

My story starts the summer of 2009. I was 19 years old and I was skipping from place to place just to be a rebel from my parents. One of my stops during this venture was my aunt's house, where I stayed for a couple weeks.

I strongly suspect my aunt let one of these things in at some point.

I slept on her couch, so most nights I'd just turn off the TV and lay down to go to sleep. I've never exactly been one of those people who fall asleep within 10-15 minutes after going to bed. Insomnia has been a big problem since my early years of high school. So one night, I laid down and as I've done since I was a child, I pulled my blankets over my head. I situated and a few minutes after I situated, I hadn't even closed my eyes to sleep yet when I heard my aunt's 150 pound dog growling in my direction. It just wouldn't stop growling. So I pulled the blankets from over my head to yell at the dog, when I saw this, (pardon my bad Paint drawing), staring at me right next to the couch, not even a foot away from my face. She was maybe 9 or 10 years old.

It scared the shit out of me and without telling the dog to shut up, I laid back down on my stomach with my head facing the back of the couch and tucked my blankets in around me as tightly as I possibly could...and I never ever ever looked back in that direction until the next morning.

About a month later, after all of the piss and vinegar was out of me for running the streets, I went back to my parents' house, preparing for my second year of college, when something was trying to suffocate me with a pillow I'd placed over my head to block out light.

I will be bookmarking this thread to check out anybody else's experiences from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone shot one of em? I always answer my door with a 12 gauge. I don't believe the guy ^up there about sawing one of the heads off and all that bullshit. I just wonder if thety can be killed that's all.

Anonymous said...

I had a strange dream about one of this black eye children. In my dream I saw one of them and recognized it and realize what it was. Although I could not tell whether it was a boy or girl, I had an odd feeling it was male. It stared at me and for a few seconds we made solid eye contact. I felt some terrible urge to destroy it. Amazingly, it was scared of me. I knew I had some power over the creature. I step forward to try and catch it, but with lighting speed it fled. I will never forget the feeling of horror when our eyes locked.I ha a strong trust in my Creator and maybe that gives me the power and makes the bek afraid of me.Whatdo you think?

Justin Barbour said...

Hello like many of you I am amazed yet scared of this whole phenomenon. What I have found is this blog that is written in story form and this guy who is from Romania is adamant that he is journalising his accurate account of being associated with the hidden underworld dealing of....... vampires. I know we all laugh but I have talked to him via email and if you read the comments he either is weaving a massive tale of legend and lore or he's telling the truth. I have been captivated by the blog and I'm drinking this kool aid. I guess I'm hoping someone will read it too and convince me that he is simply telling a story. I bring this up because on a previous search into the beks I found this blog and they have been mentioned which is why I am listing here.

OK to get to this blog search the girl that came back part 1.

This is the beginning of the blog . Please feel free to contact me at because I need someone to convince me that this is not true and he is just storytelling

Jeffrey Turrill said...

Need help.. I know info.about the BEC that is harassing me and my girlfriend. I need someone who can deal with these things.. They are not vampire or any bs of that sort. Demons plain and simple. Its getting worse with each night. Please help.. I can take you to one of their graves. Msg back asap

Anonymous said...

@Jeffery. They are feeding off of your fear. In essence, you are feeding them, therefore they continue to provoke this energy of fear from you, to dine from. You don't have to become a hardcore christian or zealot, but do try to find more "light" (positivity, comfort, strength, resolution thereof, etc.), to push them away with. Positivity repels them.

Anonymous said...

I dont really know about all of this but, why do all these stories seem so scary? not saying that its not scary or anything but, i wonder what would happen if we/they would treat them like we are not scared. im not saying that anyones story is not scary nor am i saying that they are fake. i am just wondering? my name is chelsea and my boyfriend deke's mom has had this problem before. she called us and was scared,when she first moved in that house weird stuff was happening but no one was paying attention to it. now, weird stuff is happening to me and my boyfriend, i wonder when this is going to happen? oh, guess what? someone just knocked at our door, please help me with this question! thanks bye!

Anonymous said...

My son is now 22 years old and he has black eyes. Always has. He is half Italian and half German/Ukranian. Girls are extremely attracted to him and love his dark eyes. For some odd reason you people think this is a weird or odd phenomenom. I find it quite normal and beautiful.

michael ianni said...

This new urban legend stated with that damn horror movie with those Japanese kids coming out of the bathtub and crawling on the ceiling. Know one spoke of black eyed anything prior to 2005.

Jason Offutt said...

Michael: That is incorrect. It's well documented (for anyone who documents this sort of thing) that discussion of the BEK phenomena started in 1998 with an online forum post by journalist Brian Bethel. However, these entities have been reported for many, many years.

38512125 said...

It was a warm memorable day in summer. The type of day; people would general classify as perfect, it was warm though not too warm on the skin a pleasant breeze was blowing through the open windows. Normally I'm picky about temperature being hypersensitive. I can never be warm enough or cool enough it seems. Was dressed in comfortable summer clothes, jeans and a t-shirt I think when it occurred...I was all alone in the living room at the time when I heard through the walls the shuffling of rocks up the unpaved drive way (my parents house was built in the 1950's)you could normally hear a large amount outside depending on what room you were in. Mainly the front of the house was the opposite of sound proof. I could hear the person kicking the rocks as I left the living room and entered eventually the kitchen I kept getting an intuition a friend was visiting me and that I should bring the phone. Thought whoever it was might need it; for some reason. He knocked on my large windowless door; that lacked a peephole or anything else I could look out of. Unlike most people I noticed his completely black eyes right away when I opened the doors, he clearly had a fully black sclera ... wasn't a trick of shadowing (whether it was contacts or not I question that myself)If it was. Then it was extremely convincing. He had an intimidating presence as he stood beside me asking to come in. He looked to be about eighteen or perhaps twenty years old. He had unkept black hair, unusual olive skin that seemed too smooth, facial features that were unnaturally symmetrical as if he was photoshopped and those deep piercing intimidating eyes. He watched me with a grin on his face the entire time as I was humoring him and listening to him, enabling his evident lying. Until he grew more aggressively eventually when I started to intuitionally, request his name he went to grab the door from me, started forcing himself in until he touched me, his touch felt abnormally smooth. Fingerprint-less seeming. He gave both of us an electric shock and my hand went numb in the area he touched. Could feel it for up to a week or two. He pulled away as soon as he touched me and I closed the door on his hand intentionally since my fight or flight was taking over (instinct rather then intuition for once)I managed to lock both doors. When I thought he left; he kicked the door. That's when I fall to the floor started to hyperventilate and had an asthma attack; finally used the phone to call my family to come home. Oddly that year during winter I had someone kick the door again when I was at home alone in the same spot the Black eyed adult kicked. One day when my family brought out my old sketchbooks a few pictures here and there were of black eyed kids and adults.I'm not sure what or who they are. It baffles me.

Ambika_Devi_Noel said...

I had a dream that I sat up in my bed hearing one of my two children scream. I ran into their room and found the furniture was destroyed, mattresses askew on the rubble, and yet no noises had ever been made to explain it. Worse, my kids were face down, naked, and beaten. The most horrifying part was that I immediately noticed there was a third child's body. He was a boy, maybe 6-8, and I somehow just knew deep down inside that he was responsible. In a rage I yanked him up and spun him to face me. His eyes were completely blacked out. He smiled at me, like criminal who'd been caught and had no remorse, and my skin crawled. I needed to kill him so I wrenched his head around and snapped his neck. The sound of the vertebrae snapping ended the dream. My kids are mixed but tan rather dark. This boy was very dark skinned. All the stories I've read had pale children asking to be let in. I've since talked to my kids about not answering doors for strangers, of any age, and they swear they never have/will let someone in. They've never been abused, nor was I, so I have no idea where this came from. Any ideas what he was?

Anonymous said...

These things are demonic! Some of the stories here not so sure if true! The guy with the black eyed nephew not sure if fake or real! But I have seen this little black eyed girl in 50's clothes haunting me in my dreams also a black donkey with Red eyes and a black pit bull with red eyes guarding this black eyed girl! Who wants nothing but to torment me! But these were all dream till I seen her one day in a park asking me to let her into my car, smiling saying she is lost and needs a ride to the police station! Or a pay phone! It's 2014 there are no pay phones! She gets very aggressive so I drive away! This was not a dream her eyes where as black as ink like looking into a void! Her skin was pale white and the clothes were
1950's the park was In east Los Angeles!

John Gordon said...

I was cleaning up around the barn after splitting wood most of ths day . It was near dusk and very brisk and cold. I had a strange feeling I was being watched and occasionally a person would wander by across the creek, usually walking their dog or jogging .This time when I looked carefully across the water I spotted a lone figure half hidden behind a massive sycamore tree right at the bank of the creek. I know he saw me , as he pulled back slowly when I began a hard stare at him. He appeared to be aprox 6 foot tall or slightly more, very thin and I would gather him to be of perhaps 17 -20 years old. I watched , rifle at ready as he slowly began walking backwards up the creek bank. I called out asking what the hell he was doing on private property ...but he seemed to absolutely have VANISHED. There is a huge open field bordering thecreek on the opposite side and curious , I hopped in my pick up truck and headed down the lane to cross the bridge and get a look at this strange kid . As I pulled into the fields opening I scanned the area. I saw nothing . I stayed perhaps five minutes and just as I was about to turn the ignition key he appeared Right at my passenger side window and as I looked at hime in total shock...I noticed his eyes first and immediatley thought " drugs". He asked "May I have a ride"? twice . I never spoke ...but reached across the seat and chambered my shell into my gun ....Looking back up at the window..he was gone...and I saw a fleeting glimpse of him entering the woods nearly 100 yards away in just that split second. I am an ex US Military career man , who is no stranger to combat and I have never felt so puzzled , or strange as I did that moment . This was very recently , in fact yesterday afternoon / eve

Jan 20 , 2015

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure and frankly it's my prayer-I have no experience and it's not me directly. But my mother lives with me and I work nights. For the past year or so, my mother has sporadically been hearing a soft knock at the door generally she says between 4-6am? It's not every night and I have asked her if she has ever gotten up to check to see if anyone is there. She says she is just too scared to get up and stays in her bed. From what I have been reading up on this, I think it may be a good idea for her to just stay in the bed. I've never heard it, but I work at night. I've never been able to figure out why someone would want to knock softly on the door at that time of the night. I mean, generally if you are contacting someone that late, its an emergency?

Vicki Cannarile said...

I had an experience a few months ago that I cannot get out of my mind. After shopping, while bagging my groceries, a baby in a stroller caught my attention as any sweet little baby would. The baby appeared to be a boy about 12 to 18 months old. As I cooed and said hello to him he looked directly at me. What I saw and felt gave me chills as it does now writing about it. This 'baby' had pure black eyes! No white around his irises at all. At first I thought he was blind but I sensed he looked straight into me, through me! His eye contact was intense. I got an eerie, haunting, supernatural feeling from him! He knew that I knew! He neither smiled nor cooed back as most babies would. I looked at the woman he was with - presumably his mother - and while she looked 'normal' she too gave off an eerie energy. She did not acknowledge my attention to her child at all. My first thought was that I was encountering an other-worldly hybrid baby. I have researched as best I can and come up with urban legends of black eyed children and hybrid babies but nothing comes close to my experience.

Allison Leadbetter said...

I know this old post but been dreaming of them few times over course of years. Always same dream but there eyes aren't just blank they look like pieces of coal where there eyes should be and me and this group of people (idk who they are) are trying to keep then out and I'm terrified ends same way everyone I get in one those white utility trucks and after that don't remember anything. First time I've seen someone else had dreamed bout it. Just heard about them today from my boyfriend cause I had the dream last night and he told me bout it

Talitha Lopez said...

I was 14, in high school when this happened ...I was on my bus going home from school. As I was getting off the bus I noticed a kid in a sweatshirt, and even though I didn't know anything about them I just felt kinda scared. I slowly got off my bus and then it drove away. For a few seconds the kid was just staring in my direction (his eyes were hidden), and I stared back. He started slowly in my direction and he asked, "Could walk with you for awhile?" I hesitated to answer, but I said yes. So we both walked up the hill in silence for a while, until we reached my door. He watched me unlock my door then I turned to him. "Don't you have somewhere else to be?" I asked. "He said I need to go in your house." "Why?" Then he looked up so I could see his eyes. "I need to go in your house!" he said louder. His eyes were completely black. I quickly jumped into my house and slammed the door.

Anonymous said...

Nephilim hybrid

Anonymous said...

My name is Alex I live in Northwestern Ontario on a lake with 5 acres in a remote setting just south of the trans Canada hwy. My story starts about 13 years ago in Ecuador while I was with a church group doing a missions trip. We were building stuff down there then decided to visit an orphanage in Guayaquil where there were all kinds of kids playing in the court yard. We all were playing soccer with them when I noticed a young boy about 9 years old sitting on a bench with his head in his hands looking down at the ground. So I went over to him and grabbed him by the hand to invite him to play. When he looked at me his eyes were black sockets were a little bigger then I thought they should be. He smiled and ran off. I looked for him later but never did find him. I thought about it for a few months and people thought I was crazy when I told them.

A few years later I had a dream. One I will never forget. I was with the youth group that I worked with. We were going door to door for a fundraiser but one house at the end of the road there was two kids knocking at a door but they were not part of our group. I went up to knock on the door when I noticed the kids in our group were to afraid to approach the house. I got to the door and the two kids turned and looked at me. They both had black eyes and the boy bit me in the fore arm. I bled instantly. I woke up and was still bleeding with a big bite mark on my arm. I ran to the washroom and seen the water hitting my arm clear but running off my arm bloody. The sink was full of blood and after a few min. It all cleared up. Then i heard a knock at the door. I opened it up and seen nothing. But since that day weird stuff happened in the house. Stuff moving. My wife and I being grabbed at night. Doors opening closing. Lights turning on and off. Silverware falling on the floor bending in half. And lots more.

The reason I share this is because we have a 16 month old son. We moved last spring to this place we are now at on the lake. Nothing has happened here until last night when I had the dream of the kids again. This time knocking at the door of our old house. As I approached them I seen their eyes and as they went to bite I kicked them away and then woke up. As I was awake there was a knock at our door. I looked out the window there was no one there. This time I did not open the door. This is what led me to research on kids with black eyes. Not sure if its the same thing. As a Christian I believe in Angelic and Demonic beings and spiritual realms. But this has me watching over my back. Hope you guys have advice for me. I'll keep you guys posted.

Amanda Schram said...

I used to have a nabor kid down the road he was about 6 i was 13 or 14 he had long pupils like a cat but icy blue i asked his mother about his eyes she said what dobu mean ...but i could hell she know what i was talking about on time he stole our chicken...i ran into working at the store by my house last year and asked if he rembered me he did we talked a while ....the weird thing is his pupils are normal now i asked him about it he looked worried but said his pupils has never been like that but both me and my sister rember it

Amanda Schram said...

Contact a psycic or midium to talk about it and get a religious person to bless your house. Luckily i have never seen these people or had any dreams of then but i do have dreams that come true and have seen other very scary things...i would try burning sage and pray ...sorry i coulnt be of more help hope everything gets better for u ...random though has enything changed with u like physicaly or mentaly since being bite?

Amanda Schram said...

I used to have a nabor kid down the road he was about 6 i was 13 or 14 he had long pupils like a cat but icy blue i asked his mother about his eyes she said what dobu mean ...but i could hell she know what i was talking about on time he stole our chicken...i ran into working at the store by my house last year and asked if he rembered me he did we talked a while ....the weird thing is his pupils are normal now i asked him about it he looked worried but said his pupils has never been like that but both me and my sister rember it

Anonymous said...

I had an encounter with one 20 years ago, well before blackout contacts were a thing.