Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Want Your Stories

They approach quietly, yet boldly. They’re young, usually teens or slightly younger. They insist on coming inside your house to use the bathroom, the telephone or just for a drink of water. But for some reason you’re afraid. Why? They’re just kids. Then you notice their eyes – black, as if the pupil poured over its banks. You don’t let them in – or do you? If you have, I don’t expect to hear from you.

This blog is about probing the mystery of Black-Eyed Children. Have you seen these usually hoodie-wearing youth loitering outside your house at strange times of day? Have they approached you? Have you run in fear? I want to hear your story. Do you know what these Black Eyed Children are? I want to hear your explanation.

Some of your stories and explanations will appear in my upcoming book on Black-Eyed Children, the rest will appear on this blog for the world to read.

Please leave your stories by posting them as comments on this blog, or e-mail them to for privacy. For e-mailed stories, please paste the entry into the body of the e-mail (double-space between paragraphs). Don’t send attachments. For all stories, please include contact information in case I have questions.

From myself, and from the readers, thanks for your stories.

Jason Offutt